CTP Delivers West African Anti-Corruption Workshop

CTP was proud to oversee the first West African Anti-Corruption course at our new Regional Training Center in Accra, Ghana, welcoming delegates Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Tanzania.  The goal was to discuss the impact of local and international anti-corruption and bribery legislation and its enforcement in West Africa. The March 11th event was … Continue reading CTP Delivers West African Anti-Corruption Workshop

European Regional Megaports Conference

This three-day event in Lisbon, Portugal brought together Maritime security experts from Europe and the United States to discuss the best practices and results of the radiation screening efforts conducted under the 2nd Line of Defense/Megaports program. Experts speakers and panel discussion were featured in both plenary and break-out sessions, and one day was devoted … Continue reading European Regional Megaports Conference

Export Control Reform Gathering Momentum

Export Control Reform: Gathering Momentum

Exporters and compliance experts have a keen eye on the export control reforms that have been gathering momentum in recent months. The Reform Initiative was a key topic during the “Update 2012 Conference on Export Controls and Policy”, held July 17-19, 2012 in Washington. Several key speakers and sessions were focused on different proposals, notably … Continue reading Export Control Reform: Gathering Momentum